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Currently Avaliable Used Agri-Vacs

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1 Year Trade-up Warranty on ALL Used Vacs
If for any reason our machine does not meet your needs in the first year from the date of purchase, we will take the machine back in on trade for another machine and allow you the full value you paid for it.

Used & Refurbished Grain Vacs

Used 2000 7614 Std Grain Vac

Used 2000 7614 Std

Model 7614 Std
Year 2000
Warranty 2000
Hoses 6" Cleanup Kit
7" and 6" Bin Nozzle
12 x 7" SS' Steel Flex Hose
12' x 6" SS steel flex hose
12' flexaust cleanup hose c/w swivel
Hose Carriers Yes
Comments Full 1 year warranty on blower and 1 year trade up warranty on machine.
Machine is fully serviced and ready for delivery!
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Avaliable Modifications and Upgrades

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Walinga Agri-Vac after Upgrades
Upgrades and Reconditioning of your Old Walinga Agri-Vac.
Walinga Agri-Vac after Upgrades
Walinga Agri-Vac with Extended Boom Height Modification

Modified Boom Height for Clearance over Super-bees.

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